Meet "Ed". Ed is a Mountain Dulcimer made from over 120-year-old "Original" brand wooden violin case. He is named for his first owner, Ed Toward. A special note was included which dates Ed to the 1890's. The whereabouts of his violin is unknown, but now, he makes the music. His hand-carved Oak headstock includes Jatoba accents and pearl antique-y tuners. Ed has his original hardware (latches and handles) and a Jatoba fretboard. The name of his manufacturer is "Original". His builder tried to save it and the "scars" that reveal his 120+ year history. He has a bone nut and "neopolitan" style layering of neck using Jatoba, Oak and Peruvian Walnut. Listen to Ed here >> https://youtu.be/nLPrDv723L8 . 
See Ed's other siblings (some have been adopted) at this store, MelodditiesMusic, or at www.meloddities.com. He would make an awesome holiday gift, birthday present or just a unique addition to any collection.  Or contact me direct via my contact info (info@meloddities.com.)