Meet “Dīnah”. Dīnah (pronounced Die’ nuh) was a working girl in a diner before her music career began. She features sterling silver spoons, forks and a pie scoop. Her neck is salvaged from the mirror harp of an antique dresser. Her resonator is an original design using stainless steel cat bowls as well as the blade from a cheese grater. She is a 6-string acoustic/electric with a pickup and salt shaker tops for Volume & Tone. She is strung with 3 sets of 2 strings, much like a mandolin or 12-string. Her builder calls her "half a 12-string" and she has a wonderful jangly sound. Visit my Etsy store, MelodditiesMusic, or at https://www.etsy.com/shop/MelodditiesMusic.  Or contact me direct via my contact info (info@meloddities.com.)